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A Special Visit from Mr. Spine

As part of CCA’s Weekly Enrichment Program, Ms. Diane brought a special visitor.

Mr. Spine – a creative model used to demonstrate the vertebrae that make up the spine – was only one of the learning tools Ms. Diane used in this week’s Science Enrichment lesson.


As part of an on-going study of the human body, the children first reviewed last week’s art lesson on how the inside of our body works. Ms. Diane was please to find that many of the students were able to recall the facts about the digestive system.

What is the name of the part of our body we use to swallow?”Esophagus!”

Wow, they remember!

Then our food goes to our…”Stomach!”

And then..? “We go to the bathroom!”

After it passes through the intestines, she reminds them.

The lesson of the day involved the vertebrae that make up the spinal column. The students observed as Ms. Diane “built” a spine from string and spools of thread. With each spool representing one vertebrae and each size representing a different section, students were able to see how they all come together to make up the entire spinal column.

With a final touch of a balloon “head”, Mr. Spine was complete and students were able to compare how their body movements related to Mr. Spine’s movements.

enrichmentoct29In one lesson alone students were exposed to multiple learning concepts including: reading (Our Outside on the Inside); science (the human body), math and Spanish (count in Spanish the vertebrae on Mr. Spine), nutrition (how to keep our bones and body healthy), and fitness (exercise makes our bones stronger).


Every Thursday, CCA children participate in Enrichment Lessons such as this, at no additional cost.  Weekly focus areas include:

Week One: Art
Week Two: Science
Week Three: Fitness and Movement
Week Four: Spanish

Read more about Ms. Diane Clements, our Enrichment Teacher.


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