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Preschool (Ages 3-5 years)

Research shows that children who attend high-quality preschool programs perform better in school and throughout life. They have more advanced language and math skills and enter kindergarten knowing how “school” works. Decades of research in brain development and cognitive science have shown that young children are constantly learning and are capable of learning much more than previously believed.


At CCA, we understand that it is necessary to provide a strong foundation in all areas of development in order for each child to meet his full potential. Our program includes the following high quality Prekindergarten components:

Well-Educated Teachers

We realize that the professional development of our teachers directly relates to the quality of our program; therefore, we require each Pre-k teacher to receive 18 or more hours of specialized training in early childhood education each year. This equips them with a knowledge that promotes a stronger and more interpersonal relationship with each child. As a result, your preschooler will be more motivated to learn and achieve.

Adult Child Ratio

Young children learn best in small groups (no more than 20 children) in which they can ask questions and receive individualized teacher attention. At CCA, we provide class sizes with non-restrictive spaces that promote self-initiated activities. This environment allows the teacher to guide children’s social interactions and encourage exploration and problem solving.

State of TN Teacher-Child Ratios http://www.daycare.com/tennessee

Research-Based Curriculum Aligned to K-12 Standards


A strong curriculum helps the teacher organize daily learning activities. At CCA, we are proud to say we offer a research-based curriculum that aligns with state standards. This curriculum uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills through monthly activities and discovery projects. As children participate in Mother Goose time, they are naturally exposed to skills that support their ongoing social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. These skills, when combined with our nurturing environment, intentional teaching practices, and meaningful relationships support a child’s school readiness.

Visit our Curriculum page to find out more about our Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum.

Family Engagement

At CCA, we encourage you and your family to be an active part of your child’s experience with us. Family members are offered a variety of ways to be involved in our Preschool program: Parent conferences, volunteering in the classroom, serving as decision makers on the governing board, helping with field trips, sharing expertise or coming to the class to be with their child. Most importantly, families are respected as the child’s first and most important teachers and are supported in their efforts to extend the child’s learning at home.